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  • Host a Wim Hof Method Workshop at your home. Admission free for you.

    150 US dollars
  • Experience a personalized Wim Hof Method Workshop on your time.

    360 US dollars
  • Knowledge. Mindset. Breathwork Sound Journey. Ice bath

    155 US dollars
  • Great for after a class, workshop, or retreat with me

    45 US dollars
  • Experience complete bliss one-on-one with me and the crystal bowls.

    120 US dollars
  • Relax and activate as you merge with the alchemy of touch and sound.

    280 US dollars
  • Quick relief for specific sore zones in your body with deep release.

    120 US dollars
  • Client most preferred appointment

    180 US dollars
  • When you know you need something more.

    240 US dollars
  • Combine breathwork and body work into one blissful session.

    260 US dollars
  • Chinese abdominal massage to balance & clear organs & energy blocks.

    180 US dollars
  • Active release yoga massage, also known as lazy woman/mans yoga.

    260 US dollars
  • Give the gift of relief! 90 minute massage

    180 US dollars
  • Breathwork + Massage + soothing vibrations

    260 US dollars
  • "Find your Creative Wisdom" 2 hour live webinar

    44 US dollars
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