About Shelley

As a Wandering Leader of Free Spirit, Shelley inspires and empowers your inner strength, creativity, and adventure for a deeply fulfilling harmonious life!

You will access deep states of your conscious and subconscious mind, which leads to more balance, well-being and ease in life. Shelley provides a safe present space for you to indulge and explore your internal world. The areas you resist, past stories, tension, discomfort, and traumas, once you embrace and feel them fully will easily dissolve creating space for your soulful self to land fully.

Yes, it can be that simple. When we raise our vibration to a state of wholeness, completeness and uniqueness, healing is a natural byproduct. 

Shelley transmits vibrational energy of radiance and wholeness to reflect your sparking inner healed state of being.  

Shelley graduated from SLCC in 2006 with a Science and Anthropology degree and has been involved in holistic health modalities of all kinds for 20 plus years, in this lifetime. She received her certification with the Wim Hof Method in 2018. Now a level 2 instructor she can teach you the POWER breath, unlocking deep cellular efficiency and euphoric states of consciousness. She has facilitated 500+ people into the ice water and has guided powerful breathwork sessions with her alchemy crystal bowls and buffalo drum.

"I am here to humbly and creativity contribute to the evolution of higher consciousness for the human family. To truly remember how magnificent and Divine we are. It is time to awaken, let's do it together and have fun with the unfoldment of the mystery here!"

                                                                               With LOVE

Education and Certifications

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Healing Mountain Massage School 2010

Studied 16 different modalities, specializes in custom flows to exactly what your body needs, with a focus on Thai Yoga massage, Structural Integration, Lomi Lomi, and Chi Nei Tsung.

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Level 2 Wim Hof Method Certified Instructor

Life's about being happy, healthy, and strong. Empowering natural method involving breathwork, mindset/commitment, and cold water immersion.

Find more scientific studies at www.wimhofmethod.com.

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Salt Lake Community College

Received associates degree with highlights in science and anthropology. 

Shelley is also known as Huna Ma Mur Ta with the House of Huna

As Huna Ma Mur Ta, I bring the light of Ancient Lumeria Stargate with the first light, stone as in the form of crystals and the Anicent memory of our waters. I am a protector of the Sacred Elements, crystalline vibrational sound healing and waters of our Sacred planet Gaia.

My Lumerian Bearthsign is the Falcon symbolizing vision, agility and sacred pilgrimage. Containing great purification skills to remove distortions from humanity and the earth's electromagnetic field. My essence see's far into the future and I stand tall with a smile on my face knowing all will be alright. Let's inquire, examine and explore the realms of consciousness from the light codes entering us and our Sacred Gaia from the great Central Sun.




Approach & Philosophy

Within everything Shelley does in the world it all has a common weave. She is here to UNCONDITIONALY LOVE herself and others! Weaving holistic health, utilizing breath, body wisdom, and a focused mind and heart connection. She loves anything bridging the Science and Spirituality. Quantum Science as a means to set us FREE, to exist as we truly are made to, with our Divine Blueprint activated and sparkling. She comes with fierce compassion exuding a sense of wholeness, radiance, and exquisiteness. 

When we are connected to our Soulful Self and Divine Diamond White Golden Heart, we are connected to all that is. There is nothing bigger than you to be afraid of. So what is your come from? Where does your foundation exist? It's for everyone to open up and receive the Divine Mother and Father energy that is always ready to hold and support us in this human being experience.

We are LIGHT, we are LOVE, we are THE SOUL that has a BODY. 

Come awaken to this deep inner knowing with the subtle senses in the body with Shelley. For everything is truly in your favor!

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