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Utilize your biology at its most basic level for transformation, remembering and down regulating from stress. The breath, singing, rhythm, and movement can link us up with the natural elements found in nature. Within and Without. We facilitate playful, safe, accepting, nourishing, transformational, silly and vulnerable spaces for all those looking for deep wholeness to be revealed on the interpersonal level and collective ever-changing path of existence.

Shelley is a Level 2 Wim Hof Certified Instructor harmonizing the body with proper breathing, mind and body connection practices and cold-water exposure for a more refined nervous system and immunity. Bodywork found Shelley 11 years ago in the heart of Costa Rica. Receiving touch from Shelley is a gift to your body, her hands know exactly what your body needs, she is known also as a body whisperer. She customizes every massage with thorough technique and a unique signature of intuition. You will feel lighter, full of grace and ease and will bask in the light of your essence after receiving a session with Shelley.

Billy comes from multiple generations of musicians; he began as a classical musician and then evolved into multiple styles of improvisational music. He is influenced by endless possibilities within the power of music, vibration, and sound. Billy approaches music similar to his love and connection with the wilderness. They both have inexhaustible opportunities for growth, discovery, playfulness, belonging, and even grief. Music and nature are beautiful environments to share with others, they contain ways of coming together and nourishing within our relationships.            


We are here to serve the greater good of interrelatedness. Every seeming mistake in life is a doorway to great opportunity for understanding between all humans. We are here to remember the bigger picture of beauty within the life cycles and the ways in which we are all connected within it.                    


"I really enjoyed how Shelley and Billy made this an unforgettable expierence! From the science behind the Wim Hof Method and learning about the nervous system to meditative preparation and ritual, with the gong, singing bowls, drums and rattles. I felt prepared and ready to embrace the cold."

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