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Curious about the Wim Hof Method? Come learn how utilization of your breath, mindset and cold water exposure is a full body, mind, emotional, spiritual, soulful RESET, REJUNAITE, REALIZE EXPERIENCE!

Benefits Include:

Lower inflammation

Master stress management

Have more energy

Increase blood flow and circulation

Assist your cardiovascular health

Activate adaptive capabilities

Mental Focus

Emotional flow

Feel your soul inside your body

Change mood at will

Change photon patterns

More creativity, joy, delight, health and strength

and more!

The Wim Hof Method is a natural method bringing your body back to balance, efficiency, and inner strength. Shelley loves to travel all over the mid west and meet new people from all different backgrounds. She has lead groups ranging from the Airforce, yoga, private, and cancer treatment groups. She has a lovely ability to connect, unify, and be relevant to whoever is in front of her.

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More about Alchemy Crystal Bowls and using frequency vibration for your wellbeing

Connecting into Sacred Relationship with the Soulful Self through Nature.

On the path of Life, we are given the invitation to evolve and pierce through the limitations of ‘survival mode (victim)’ and into our innate Creatorship that is aligned with joy, inspiration, and freedom. As we embrace the vulnerable aspects of our being, we shift beyond the protective personality patterns, dissonant emotional and ancestral past, and into a precious purity of tender loving presence. Inside you is a bonfire of Love, ready to transmute, reclaim and rejuvenate every cell in your body! Within your very breath exists the essential part of you, gifting you the opportunity to open ancient remembering, touch your soul essence, and reveal who you truly are.

It is all so simple and profound. Utilization of the breath and the awakening activation of alchemy crystal bowls, drums, and chimes serve you in your inner exploration of wholeness.


Shelley will guide you with her intuition, presence, and wisdom through the myriad landscapes of inner knowing, including your connections with the cosmic realms, elemental nature, and the foundational Sacred geometries within you. Her presence will support you to feel at ease, comfortable and able to go deep into your wholeness, where healing is a natural byproduct. In this vibration you will deeply rejuvenate on the cellular level, refine your nervous system, harmonize your inner vibratory world and activate your inner vision connected to your gentle loving heart, carving a pathway for your Creatorship/Soulful self to land.

~Alchemy crystal bowls are gemstone infused sonic instruments that elevate, enhance, and expand your consciousness.

~They work on the quantum reality much like the sun, which emits photons activating the light within your body.

~The high vibrational frequencies of the crystal bowls harmonize your energetic structure through resonance. Coming into resonance is connecting with the entire vibration of the universe and thus your electromagnetic field which surrounds your body.

~Pure, pristine sound frequencies that produce changes in your autonomic nervous system, immune, endocrine, chakra, and neuropeptide systems.

~Come into holistic health resonance with every organ, cell, bone, tissue, and liquid of your body which is liquid crystalline light.

~The brain vibrates at specific frequencies; it will entrain within a minute of a new frequency.

~Reconnect your subconscious and conscious mind (thalamus/hypothalamus).

~You will transform, transmute, and transpire the life you are here to have.


Shelley is a Level 2 Wim Hof Certified Instructor harmonizing the body with proper breathing, mind and body connection practices and cold-water exposure for a more refined nervous system and immunity. Bodywork found Shelley 11 years ago in the heart of Costa Rica. Receiving touch from Shelley is a gift to your body, her hands know exactly what your body needs. She customizes every massage with thorough technique and a unique signature of intuition. You will feel lighter, full of grace and ease and will bask in the light of your essence after receiving a session with Shelley.














“Sound vibrations speak right into the soul, the body, bypasses the cognitive mind when that              happens a door opens. When you go through that door you will discover miracles and occurrences you’ve never imagined.”                                                                              

                                                                                                                                -Tom Kenyon

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