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Nourish your

Nervous System 

with Shelley Mehr


Meet Shelley



As a pioneer of the heart, nature child, elemental alchemist, and powerhouse, I lead you past your conditioning of struggle and control, opening your body to ultimate support, while leading you to your wholeness.

Come on a journey with me into your internal exquisite nature where empowerment, strength, and sovereignty co-exist.



The Magenta Pathway is literally the pathway of your spinal cord. The spine is the backbone of our health and harmony within the body. Ascending and descending energies is where we feel the connection between Heavenearth. After clearing fear, old conditioned patterns and outdated beliefs, we can open up to the space inside ourselves that is vast and connected to our soul's voice. Release who you have been while nurturing your nervous system through the power of conscious breathwork, alchemy crystal sound bowls, present touch, and cold exposure, to fully shift into what's possible NOW. 


Be Whole. Be Present. Be Complete.

“My first massage from Shelley completely changed my standards and expectations for bodywork forever. Her intuitive touch found all the little balls of stagnant energy and I could literally feel her move and dissipate them into oblivion. I was amazed at the sorcery that came from her hands! Over the years I’ve enjoyed the new experiences she presents with each session. It’s incredibly rare to find any healer that understands exactly what you need, but Shelley always seems to know how to make me feel lighter, straighter, stronger and balanced each time she works on me. As an added bonus: I never wonder what to gift people for special occasions anymore- I just gift them a Shelley Massage and they are all blown away with her mastery of her craft.”

- Ardyce

What Clients Say

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely."