Nourish your

Nervous System 

with Shelley Mehr


Meet Shelley



As a wilderness lover, embodiment coach and sound facilitator, I lead you past your conditioning of struggle and fears. 

Opening your body, mind, and soul to gentle nurturing support and leading you into your wholeness.

Come on a journey with me and know your internal exquisite nature where empowerment, strength, and self-love co-exist.



The Magenta Pathway is literally the pathway of your spinal cord. The spine is the backbone of our health and harmony within the body. Ascending and descending energies is where we feel the connection between Heavenearth. After clearing fear, old conditioned patterns and outdated beliefs, we can open up to the space inside ourselves that is vast and connected to our soul's voice. Release who you have been while nurturing your nervous system through the power of conscious breathwork, alchemy crystal sound bowls, present touch, and cold exposure, to fully shift into what's possible NOW. 


Be Whole. Be Present. Be Complete.

  • Movement, Breathwork, Mindset, Ice Bath August 27th!
  • Ongoing workshops throughout the year. Next one September 24th
    100 US dollars
  • Client most preferred appointment
    1 hr 30 min
    150 US dollars

What Clients Say

I am so illuminated and amazed at Shelley's craft. She has so much knowledge, wisdom and beauty. I am so happy to learn from her presence and love. Thank you thank you thank you. Here is a list of what I appreciated about Shelley's Wim Hof Method Workshop the most!

1. Her passion for what she shares is very obvious.  

2. Her confidence and belief in the truth of what she shares. 

It is very easy to hear her because of these 2.  

3. The time and investment she puts into her study and presentation is obvious.  Very professional and knowledgeable.  I've listened to a good amount of stuff on the topic, and I learned some new things from her.  

4. The investment she has made for the quality of experience.  I'm all about quality over quantity and it felt like she gave both.  Her bowls are insanely amazing... (I actually have a little bowl envy), her tubs were clean and very nice for the ice, I appreciated the little duck wink distraction as I was painfully freezing. 

5. Her voice is very clear, soothing, and easy to listen to during the teachings and the meditation/breath-work.  

6. she doesn't just say this is what you do... she gives a good description on how to, why it's important, what it accomplishes, and evidence of how this has been proven.  There was no wondering with me when she completed. 

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely."