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Traveling Altars Invitation

Updated: May 22, 2020

As a wandering leader of free spirit, I invite you on a journey with me. Let us create an altar wherever we go, with whatever we have. It is that easy, yes to connect with spirit and your living essence in this moment. And at any moment this is available to you. So slow down and rest your weary mind and come on a journey with me to create a quantum moment that may change your life forever, that’s of course if you allow it to, for it is up to you! You see I am not like most people, I thrive with change, even instigating it. I love movement and am addicted to adventure.

Come on a journey with me, where all borders, names and boundaries placed by man DISSOLVE. I invite you to rejuvenate to the cellular level with your thoughts and prayers into this sacred place. The only name we give it here is PARADISE.

I am Shelley, a Wandering Leader of Free Spirit, allow me to be at your service for the upmost consideration to your heart and essence. Relinquish your control, as I have mine, for I am so free, I cannot control myself. Let us play, laugh, wildly and open up to our soul’s voice and essence. It is time to soak up eternity.

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